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About Evelito

Hello, dear visitor!

It’s 04:46 a.m. on the first of March, 2016. I have made up my mind, at last, to write down my thoughts about the goals and mission of Evelito.
Evelito has probably been started already –that is why you are able to read these lines.

David My name is David and I am a programmer with 12 years of work experience. I am an ordinary guy, who works, lives, rests, tries something new, tries to be informed as much as possible about the things happening around us from day to day. In about 2011 I suddenly felt huge love to all the people on the Earth. To each and every person on the planet. I had a great desire to do more kindness than I did before (or, at least, tried to do). I have always imagined and even seen in my dreams that I am saving the lives of hundreds, thousands of people I wasn’t familiar with, sacrificing myself in some extreme situations. This idea has always followed me and warmed me. I was proud of myself to look into the eyes of the people for whom I did this. But it was only in my dreams. Dreams..., well... In the reality, it is much more difficult to imagine what could happen. I have decided to make my fervent dream and desire come true with the help of this project, which will help find and connect people like me to bring kindness to this world. There can’t be too much of kindness.I believe that all the people in the world deserve kindness, warmth and care! All the people without exceptions – thieves, honest people, prostitutes, alcoholics, prominent people – everyone, everyone deserves respectful and kind attitude!

The current world structure, economy, financial system, etc. put a person into certain circumstances(unfortunately not always in the circumstances we have dreamed about from childhood). I know, there will be people who will disagree with me saying that there is a way out in each situation. Yes, of course, there always is. But have you walked in the other person’s shoes, to have the right to make conclusions and judge them? And if you have, wouldn’t it be better to help them by sharing your experience and giving advice?

I live my own life, experiencing something new each day. I am doing my best to build the desired future. But in our world, there are no guarantees, no stability, no ideals. That is why I am trying to be ready for tomorrow, which might be much worse than today. And if tomorrow I will have to sweep the streets to be able to feed my son and keep him warm, I will do it, not considering it to be beneath my dignity.

Evelito Video Presentation

Let’s get back to the main idea of Evelito project. I first had the idea to create the project in 2014. Yes, yes, whole two yers ago. Unfortunately, it existed only in my head, I lacked the determination to make it real. One day I told one of my clients about it. He liked the idea so much, that he kept reminding me about it and thus fortifying my belief in the necessity of this project. The project today is the way I imagined it. Thank you for this, Valery Galimey!

It was the night before my birthday and I was watching some videos on YouTube. I suddenly felt a desire to watch interviews with tramps and I came across this video. I can’t find the words to explain what I felt after watching it. It touched me to the innermost of my heart and incited me to start Evelito. And on my birthday, I started working on the prototype of the future Evelito, the Evelito you see now.

What is the Evelito?

Evelito was created to connect people to do kindness. I don’t entirely trust charity funds and other such organizations. In my understanding help must be direct. This is the objective of Evelito - to help people directly. If one needs help, he can tell about it on Evelito. It can be material help, moral help or help with physical help. Evelito’s mission is to connect two people – the one who needs help and the one who can give help. Your kindness can bring magic to someone’s life. There might be many things that you possess but are not using - an old cupboard, books, bijouterie, anything might be of necessity to someone else. Make people happier if you can!
Evelito is a non-commercial project and will always remain so. It doesn’t pursue any commercial benefit. I bear all the costs for the creation and maintenance of the project.
I have given gratis things to complete strangers. No words can describe the gratitude and joy of these people. It is a small magic which can and must be done whenever possible!

Thank you for the time you took to read this. For further information, please, go to how it works”.
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