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About Evelito

Evelito is a platform connecting people for good causes. The various charity organizations of today carry little credibility. Aid, as we understand it, must be direct, that’s why we have created Evelito. Users can post their requests for help here. If you need financial aid, moral support or physical help, welcome to our platform. Evelito is designed to connect two users: the one who has a problem and needs help and the one who can help to solve the problem. Please look around right now. What do you see? Most probably, the many things you have bought at one time or another. More than half of them are things you never use. What if you just give one of those cabinets, bijous, books or anything else to someone who really needs it? Create a small miracle by an act of kindness!

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We have given gratis things to complete strangers. No words can describe the gratitude and joy of these people. It is a small magic which can and must be done whenever possible!
Evelito is a non-commercial project and will always remain so. It doesn’t pursue any commercial benefit. We bear all the costs for the creation and maintenance of the project.
Thank you for the time you took to read this. For further information, please, go to how it works”.

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