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In this section, we gathered answers to the frequently asked questions. Also, here you can find a video which demonstrates basic functions of Evelito, and the user manual.

General Questions

01What Evelito is about?

Evelito is a worldwide project, providing an opportunity to anyone who wishes to help other people. You get the opportunity to publish ads on the material, moral, and even professional help. You can also create a team and make good deeds as a group. Your little good may change lives for the better, reviving moral values in all of us! And those looking for some aid, can find it available through published announcements, or ask for help on their own.

02Is this for free?

Yes, everything here has no cost, and no ads interrupting. Evelito is our investment into the good!

03How it works?

We got two groups of people here. Some seek help, and some offer it for no cost. You can help either be posting an ad, or by searching for those in need at the “Help needed” page. You can learn more detail on the “How Does it work?” page.

04Which cities Evelito works at?

At the moment, Evelito functions in all the cities throughout Russia, Ukraine, and the USA. We shall be widespread eventually!

Personal Area

05Is registration required?

Yes, signing up is needed to have an access to ads’ editing and control, receiving messages, creating a team, as well as having social points such as “made this much good deeds” or “gave hope” this many times, etc.

06What is e-mail confirmation for?

If you forget your password, you will be able to reset it through your email. Besides, confirmation is necessary for us to send you messages and notifications.

07What if I forgot my password?

To reset your password, click on “My Account”, and then select “Forgot Password”. In the form provided, type in your email, and the access recovery instructions will be sent you by the system.

Willing to Help

08How do I help others?

Click the “Make good” button on top side, and publish an ad about the help you can provide. Also, you can can find a person in need, connect to them directly and help them.

09What kind of help can I offer?

You can post an ad offering material, moral (emotional) and professional help (help with trade, labor).

10Can I help outside of my city?

You can. At the point of posting your ad, you can select options like “Can send by mail” – in case of material help (with items), or “countriwide” – in case of the moral support.

11What in meant by donation (material help)?

It’s about any help having to do with items, subjects or finances. You can help with cloths, food, furniture, software, etc.

12What is meant by emotional support (moral help)?

For instance, you can post an ad about your willingness to have a conversation with a person experiencing hard times, and maybe offer them some advices. People often have no one to speak with and get depressed about it.

13What is meant by personal help (help with trade)?

You can, for example, provide your help to elderly people, - like fixing something for them, or you can be very helpful for a single parent in their everyday life. This is about any help you can offer in terms of your own physical presence.

14What if my ad is outdated?

You can delete or archive your ad on your personal area. Whenever you’re ready to help again, you can renew the archived ad anytime.

Need Help

15How I’m get helped?

To start with, get to the section called “Give Help”, then pick your city and a category. You will find a lot of ads offering help of various kinds. If there’s nothing you looking for, you can publish your own ad on asking for help. You will need to register and go to the My AccountNeed Help.

16What is the photo uploading needed for?

Just for your ad to look plausible and real, upload your photo for those who offer support. This will help them to have an idea of who you are and increase the probability of you to be contacted by them.

17How I can get my ad to the top?

Your ad will automatically pop up to the top once you’re online signed into your account. The more frequently you enter the website, the higher you ad is getting.

18How I express my gratitude?

This is very important. After you have been helped, go to the helper’s page and leave your feedback through the “Acknowledgement” option.

Invite friends

19What does “Give Hope” mean?

You can give hope to people in need, by telling your friends about Evelito and inviting them to sign up as new users. The more people we gather here, the more good deeds will happen! In your Personal Area you can see the section called “Give Hope”. There you may follow your unique link to share with your friends and loved ones. Besides that, there are social network buttons, giving you a chance to publish your invitation in your timeline.

20What way the “Hope Given” rating occurs?

Each person invited by, who used your unique link to enter the website and to register, increases your “Hope Given” rating by +1.


21What are the teams about?

Teams are formed to perform good deeds collectively. Anyone can either create their own team, or enter the team already created by someone else. This makes communication more convenient and productive. Teams connect us even more.

22Who can become a team member?

There are two types of teams: open and closed. Open team can be entered by any user of the website. The closed one is entered only by those invited by the group creator, the team admin.

23What does “Good Reports” mean?

Good Reports is a term invented by Evelito. It is kind of portfolio with photo and video content about all good things done by a team, its members, or a separate user. Wat is this for? This is to motivate people, who will see all the emotional outcome you get from your activity, and probably will start doing good things as well.

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