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Ads publication on Evelito website is regulated by Terms of Use.

The ads that violate the rules or provoke numerous complains from the users will be blocked. The accounts of their owners will be blocked as well.

General Rules

  • You can only publish ads about acts of kindness you are ready to perform gratis and free of charge or about material things you are ready to gift to someone who needs it.
  • The user chooses himself the recipient of the act of kindness or the gift.
  • The recipient is to give feedback on the act of kindness on the website.
  • An ads can be published one time only.
  • The ads must be deleted after it has found a recipient.
  • You are allowed to have only one account – don’t make a new registration using another e-mail or phone number.
  • You are not allowed to offer services or goods banned by legislation.
  • Publish only actual offers.
  • Specify the act of kindness you are ready to perform – material aid, moral support or assistance in some kind of work.
  • You are not allowed to publish ads containing advertisements or ads about advertisements.
  • Choose relevant categories and regions(your location area). Provide real and truthful information.
  • Ads offering suspicious ways for earning money on the internet or elsewhere, such as “Trasfer 100 rubbles to our account and earn much more” are prohibited.
  • Any type of indecent, pornographic, extremist or any other irrelevant content in any part of the ads (titles, texts, photos, preview videos) is prohibited. Unauthorized or unnecessary use of logos or trademarks of famous brands in the ads or in the usernames is prohibited. You are not allowed to use logos or names of companies or organizations without their written permission.
  • You are not allowed to use programs to feed or load automatically ads without Evelito’s permission

Contact information

  • You must use valid personal information in the ad.
  • Do not write any contact information in the “Name” field, such as website addresses, phone numbers, logins for Skype, ICQ, Telegram, etc.
  • Do not write the phone number, e-mail address or any other contact information of a third party.

Classifieds title

  • Your title should be a short description of your act of kindness or material aid. Write additional information in the description section. The title should correspond with the description.
  • The title of the ad should be in the language spoken in that specific area. If you publish an ad in English, it must be in English. Unnecessary use of capital letters, special symbols, or a foreign language not related to this country, is prohibited.
  • Do not include any contact information unless it is required by the law, such as phone number, physical/legal/email address, website address(link) or website name, ICQ, Skype, etc.
  • The abuse of words attracting attention, such as “Urgent” or “Attention” is prohibited.

Classifieds Description

  • The description must be written in the language spoken in the chosen area (for US – English). Don’t use foreign languages or transliteration. Unnecessary use of capital letters and special symbols in the description is not allowed.
  • Describe only the item or the good deed which is in the ad and in the photos
  • The description must include only the good deed the item given gratis and not for sale.
  • The description must not include any type of contact information (address, link, phone number, ICQ, etc.) unless it is required by the law.

Classifieds Photos

  • The photos must refer to the title and the description of the ad
  • Use of watermarks on the photos is not allowed
  • The photos must not contain any kind of company logos, names or contact information(address, link, phone number, ICQ, websites, etc.)

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