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Terms of Use


1.1 The current document is an agreement stating the rules and terms for using the internet resource (hereafter referred to as the Service or Evelito).


User agreement — states the rules and regulations for Evelito website users.

User — is a physical or legal entity registered on the Service in accordance with the terms of the current Agreement.

Service — includes the web interface, data coding, data transferring, access to the data, storing the user data and his activities, as well as other functions.

User account — is the User’s area which is identified by e-mail address(or phone number) and password

An Announcement — is the information published for the public that offers to do an act of kindness or give something gratis. The announcement shall include contact information, a photo or other relevant information.

Registration — is an action of providing personal and other information by the user, by means of a special form and following the regulations by Evelito to create a Study and get access to Evelito Services.

Service Administration - consists of people who control the observance of the User Agreement rules and other rules and regulations related to the Service. The Administration is authorised to take corresponding measures if the rules are violated.


To create a Study a user must register and accept the Service rules. The user is responsible for the information confidentiality and account accessibility. The user holds responsibility for all his actions. The Service holds no responsibility for the User’s actions towards the third parties. The User commits to inform the Service of any unauthorized uses of his account.


The service commits to keep the confidentiality and the original form of the information provided to the Service. The Service commits to keep the User’s password hidden. The personal information will be given to the third party only in case of violation of the law, offence or slander towards brands or trademarks of the third parties.


The Service holds no responsibility for wrong interpretation of the information on the Service. The User’s information will be kept in the Account for an unlimited period of time. In the future, the Service will introduce limits, such as limits for the used space on the disc and others.


The Service will block the User in case of violations of Service rules or laws. Unauthorised access to the Service or trying to do any harm to the Service is unacceptable. Any kind of offence, blackmail, slander, bluff or other harmful information(viruses, trojans, worms, etc.), as well as information harming the third parties, is forbidden.


7.1 to publish false information
7.2 to advertise or counter advertise any products
7.3 to transfer any information that can violate the copyright of third parties
7.4 to publish false information with the purpose of getting unauthorised access to the data of the third parties
7.5 to publish any information of religious or political content
7.6 to have more than one User Account
7.7 to commit any illegal actions using the Service
7.8 to provide the account data to the third parties for accessing the account
7.9 to publish any information that violates the ethical norms or other generally accepted norms
7.10 to offend, call names, doubt the professional qualifications or honesty of physical or legal entities, which include the Service Users and Administration
7.11 to register under logins that violate the decency and moral norms, advertise websites or contain profanities
7.12 to use an avatar containing violation scenes, threats, profanities, depravity, pornography, discrimination of any kind, commercial advertisements or advertising texts
7.13to indicate in the Service bank account numbers, credit cards, e-wallets and other similar information related to finance.


8.1 By registering on the Service, you accept the terms of the current Agreement
8.2 Part 9.2 of the current Agreement states the regulation rules in case of any amendments to the agreement


9.1 The Service has the right to make amendments to the current Agreement unilaterally and to make changes to the rules. The amendments and the changes come into effect from the moment they are published or from the date stated.
9.2 By using the Service after the amendments and changes have been introduced, the User accepts them
9.3 The Service will unilaterally annul the Agreement if the User hasn’t used his/her account (logged in) for six calendar months successively


10.1 The Service has the exclusive right to the Service.
10.2 All the information provided on the service belongs to the right holders

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