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Evelito is a free, non-commercial project. We do not have and will not have any monetization. All of our work on development, support and promotion becomes our exclusive contribution into a good cause, as well as our way to implement our ideas widely.

At the moment, all our efforts and resources are invested into promotion. If you run your own business, you probably realize that initial promotion is vital and costly part of any project. The promotion has two interrelated tools: time and financing. One is being compensated by the other.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us by now! With your help, we reduce time indices to sooner achieve our main goal.
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More ways to support Evelito

The development of Evelito can be supported many different ways. We will greatly appreciate people who recommend Evelito to their families and friends. Additionally, we express our gratitude to all those media commending our idea and strategy, and thus contributing to the benefit of humanity

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